Week 5/6

waking up on the beach

who needs an umbrella


walter and I

thats wht i call a banana

Fly Michel

thats the land we got for the basketballcourt so aint gonna happen there

straight business on Zanzibar

stonetown market

Spice tour


Rhachma and I

Park in Stonetown

Norbi enjoying his work


Norbert at the kitchen

Norbert at the kitchen

michels hotel

Michel and I

Me and my neighbors

Me and Gudrun

looking damn stupid


little fishermen


Linda and the Lobster

jambiani school

Its raining

I love the kids here

playing with them

I dont get sick of it

Forgot what it is called

forget about the pickup truck

Finaaly dinner is ready

favourite toy


cows in charge of the street

Freakin chinese

Chinese Designers on drugs-but I managed to built it

chill with a brew

business meeting


afternoon walk

best lunch ever


2 responses to “Week 5/6

  1. Christina Ortolan

    Hi Marcus!!! I’m so glad you’re putting up all these excellent pictures because even though they make me really jealous, it’s still fun to see what you’re up to. I’ll have to send you some pictures of Boulder someday….it can be gorgeous too, even though we don’t have beaches. Take care!!!!
    ~Christina (Heidi!)

  2. Menches kinder….wo bist du kleener! ….. need more than a monthly phone call….need more pictures!!! Miss you

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