Pics week 1/2

Anwar and Fatma

My breakfast

Me and the kids

I can read

Blue Oyster Hotel

Work in the village

Cables everywhere


girl at the beach

impression to make you jealous


3 responses to “Pics week 1/2

  1. Muren Demuynck

    Hi Marcus!

    I’m really enjoying reading about your internship in Zanzibar, your daily life and the pictures. Did you request to make your internship there or was it assigned to you by your school? The hotel looks so laid back which sounds like reflects the life there. How will you ever live with deutsche Punktlichkeit after this experience! The smiles on people’s faces shows that you don’t need all that junk we think that brings happiness!

  2. I picked out the hotel. The internship semester at our university is self organized so the university doesn’t help you with finding an intern position. The good thing about this is that you can go wherever you want to. German Puenktlichkeit is also a problem for me back in Germany so the life here fits very well my character.

  3. Hey Marcus,
    good to see you well arrived! Your daily agenda sounds quite nice and I do really like the hammock-picture 🙂
    Since SMI and SCK cultivated a great block I became fan of blog-diving. Hope to read and see more of things you will experience, do and see (and shoot 🙂 to see this block growing and blossoming.
    Enjoy yourselfe and look for animals hiding behind the rock…
    Greatings außem dicken B.

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