After Week 6 up to Now (as much as I remember)

Pole sana to those who were waiting/expecting new blog entries but during the last 3or4 weeks I just didn’t feel like writing so the entries would not have been exciting. So here Iam back again trying to summarize/remember the last weeks. First thing I wanna talk about is a new friend of Mike and me who is called Ulrich. Ulrich was a guest at Blue Oyster and on his first day I started speaking to him which ended up in an discussion lasting about 3hours in which we covered germans and their problem with national pride, passion of music, peoples inability to connect to other ones, hitlers influence on world politics and much more. Another day Ulrich Mike and I had a discussion about hope, trying, different perspectives, right or wrong and life as a whole which was quite amazing since there are not a lot of people with whom you can have a serious and at the same time fun talk about stuff like that. During this week I also read the Alchemist which was supporting our whole week of debating about life. To make one thing clear: There were no drugs involved except the quietness of the island. At the end of the week I felt a lot wiser, met a new friend and have a place to stay in South Africa since Ulrich owns a small hotel 2hours away from Cape Town. He also introduced us to Pandu some guy here in the village who tried to help us with finding a property for our basketball project. The project got kind of stuck at some point since we are desperately looking for a property but there are now village owned properties here so we would have to buy a property. Spending 12000$ just on a property without having built anything is kind of pointless in my opinion. I would like to help people here but I don’t wanna buy a property just to invest even more money to build a house and a basketball court on it. This would increase the cost to a level where it doesn’t make sense to spend it just for a basketball court. In addition to that we are also trying to figure out how to establish a club based in Germany which can issue donation slips. That’s about everything new about our project idea so right now we keep looking for properties and try to figure out what and how much time we need to make this whole thing work right.

The week after Ulrich left I was just working, teaching and on the weekend I went snorkeling in the south of the island.  On the weekend my dad arrived here in Zanzibar to enjoy on week of his easter break here. Despite working I still found some time to spend with him. One day we went to Stonetown, another we went fishing(not being lucky……) and he experienced my normal week. So we had our ordinary Wednesday on which we added another tradition. Now every Wednesday we go first to Dhow INN in Paje where we eat dinner à Surf and Turf (FINALLY a STEAK which tastes like a STEAK). At Dhow INN we first order then go in their pool where we get picked up when our dinner is ready. After dinner we go to jambo Bar (local bar in Paje) have a beer and then ride our bicycle to Teddys Place where we party. So Party Wednesday became now Steak/Pool/Party Wednesday. I love the Wednesday and having a good steak here makes life close to perfect right now (even if it is kind of expensive Surf and Turf=11Euro and a Beer 2euro…….believe me for Zanzibar it is expensive).

On Thursday Mike my dad and I went to Queen Nati a lady from Jambiani who I met when Ulrich was here. We convinced her that she should start a local restaurant so we were here first guests. It was a very nice dinner in her living room with such great cinnamon tea so that mike and I will try once the tourists are back to send people over to her house.

Once my dad was gone I had to work a lot since Anwar uncle came this week and we reorganized our bookkeeping system so that it is more comprehensible for everyone. So this week was all about working with Uli (anwars uncle) which I enjoyed a lot since he used to be (before he retired) a financial auditor for Toshiba so I actually learned a lot this week by working together with him. Yesterday we had a staff meeting since beginning from next week we will close up to the 6th June in order to do renovations and to give our staff a month of holiday.

Uhh and my Kiswahili is picking up since Mike and I decided 2weeks ago to take classes so now we have kiswahili classes 3 times a week.

Ok I believe that’s everything new about me and I promise I will write more frequently again since it is a pain in the ass to think about what happened 3weeks ago. So sorry if this entry was too confusing or boring but I was just too lazy during the last weeks. Complaints can be posted under comments and as always I uploaded some pictures. Enjoy


One response to “After Week 6 up to Now (as much as I remember)

  1. Thank you kleener. I enjoyed the posting. When you come home on weekends when you are here we will try a Steak/Hot tub/Party Saturday. Of course the surroundings will not be as beautiful as the Blue Oyster but we can put sand on the deck for you……take care

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