week 5/6

Life is still good!

So last week I was just too lazy to write so now I can summarize the last 2weeks. Starting with the first week Michel and I went out partying for the first time here on the island so we found that one place where we can go to every Wednesday and there are actually a few more than a hundred people. It was good to finally be around some people of our age who also feel like partying since that was if at all the only thing I missed during the first three weeks. After the party I decided to sleep on the beach and I kept on doing that for the next 2nights since we had power outages and sleeping without a fan is close to impossible.  A couple a days later Norbert and Gudrun (used to be my neighbors back in my hometown) arrived here in Jambiani. It was quite nice to have some home around here. On Saturday we went on a Spice Tour where they showed us all different spices and walked us through their farms. The best thing about that was the food. We had lunch in a little shed where they served us Pilao Rice (Spice Rice) which was so amazingly good that I ate almost 3full plates. So after having a good meal and finally enjoy a good rain shower we went to stonetown and walked around the market, went to the house of wonder and enjoyed some afternoon drinks. All in all it was a great day just being a tourist and not working. Then on Monday the day before my neighbors left Michel, Norbert and I (I was just playing stupid washed dishes and translated a little) were cooking a dinner for the six of us including anwar and fatma. Norbert is a chef in germany so he wanted to do that since he could also teach some things to our kitchen staff. The next day they left but promised Anwar that they will be coming back since they had such a relaxing time here. And after being here now for 6 weeks even I start seeing what makes people come over here. It’s different since there is not a lot of tourist its quiet without entertainment programs far away from the western society. So it could be considered one of the last paradises but then this will probably change during the next years when there are more tourist coming including bigger hotel chains. So then this Wednesday we went partying again but this time Michel Fidel and I got some bicycles to ride to the party since we didn’t feel like spending money on a cab. It turned out to be a good choice we had a nice party and left there at 4:30 in the morning. Unfortunately Michels chain broke right after we started from paje so my drunken self decided that I will be able to run home to the hotel. So I ran home but my flashlight stopped working so I ran too far cause I couldn’t see our hotel sign. Luckily after a 2 more kilometers some guys stopped with car and asked me where I’m running to at 5 in the morning. So they then brought me back to the hotel. Running barefoot on the street turned out to be not that smart since I totally destroyed my feet and today (Saturday) my calf’s are still paining. On Thursday Michel and I met some guy of another organization here called African impact to talk about our idea of a basketball court. So on Monday we’ll go to the school and if they agree we’ll probably be done building the first basketball court in Jambiani during the next weeks. I and Michel are both very excited to work on that project and I just hope that I can’t start soon to teach some basketball to the kids out here. Since last week my daily agenda changed a little bit since almost every day I will work up to 3pm and the go to the tourism school and teach accounting, math and some basic excel. That is also very enjoyable to the school there which is run by Canadian women who tries to get the people here start thinking. They teach them basic business plans, accounting, cooking and encourage them to think out of the box by solving Sudoku’s or giving them other logic games. This again shows me that I can’t hide my family background I enjoy teaching a lot so by doing this now it makes me sure that at some time in my life I will become a teacher. Not in Germany since I don’t wanna study for it for another six years but somewhere else where it is easier to get a teacher certificate.

So now it’s Saturday it rained today the first time in Jambiani for more than 2minutes and I’m recovering from an enjoyable Friday night. Concerning work I still do the same I visit hotel with fatma, I work on the website and I did the financial statements for the tour operator for this month. I’m now at that point where I understand their accounting system and I can actually work on this by myself and even make it a little better or easier to handle for the other ones in the office.

That’s about it so enjoy the pictures I uploaded and I hope everybody is feeling alright and enjoys life as much as I do right now. If not “staple it together and call it bad weather”.



One response to “week 5/6

  1. Hebu………I tried Skping on Sunday….for goodness sakes say “Hi” to Norbert and Gudrun for us (or are they gone?). What were the spices kleener? Send your ‘three plate’ rice receipt please…..You sound so happy and busy. Stay well…….miss you

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