Basketball, swimming, site visits and an idea for a bachelor thesis

Time is running but just because it’s not getting boring at all. The week started out like any other week. Some working, some swimming, eating , a couple of bar visits and then sleeping. My work was basically about setting up the new homepage for our Tour Operator and creating a feedback form for the upcoming site visits of hotels. On Wednesday I took my off day and drove to Stone town to meet up with Kassim (one of the staff members). He showed me around and we went to the House of Wonders where I could learn some basics about the culture and history of the island. Aftwerwards we walked around town looking for a place which sells basketballs. After asking about 10 people we finally found a store and went straight to the basketball court. Despite the fact that it was frakin hot outside I enjoyed playing basketball again and I could teach Kassim some basics. That was also the day where my idea was born to built a basketball court in our village Jambiani since I don’t like to go to Stone town every time I want to play and it would give the kids here something else to do besides playing soccer. So after having our regular “business meeting” at the bar Michel and I decided that we will try working on that. A couple beers later the idea was now more elaborate so we came up with the plan to set up a non profit organization where people from the states and Germany can do social work here with teaching a the schools in the morning and teaching basketball and soccer in the afternoon. We worked more on this idea during the week and thought that it would also be a good topic for our bachelor thesis. So lets see how this idea will develop during the next weeks. On Thursday I taught Rhachma and Linda (two of ou kitchen staff) swimming and afterwards we built some sandcastles. Sounds childish but I enjoyed a lot even though we didn’t get too far with the swimming part but we built an empire of sand. Friday was my first day of working more than 10 hours. Fatma and I left in the morning to do our site visits in the north east of the island. It was quite interesting to see all the hotels but also tiring to go from hotel to hotel and ask the same questions over and over again. We visited 6hotels but some of them were huge resorts where we spend around 2hours to see all the rooms and facilities. After coming back I talked to our other manager Peter about our basketball court idea so that he could ask the village leaders if we would get some land within the village to built it. Saturday and Sunday was again two usual work days with two trips to the bar and a horrible sleep since the power went off every night and without a fan it’s a pain in the ass to sleep at night. Today I was again visiting 5hotels so we proceeded with our site visits. When I came back my old neighbors (Norbert and Gudrun) from my hometown already arrived and in a half an hour I will get some dinner together with them. Ooh and this week I learned more Swahili than ever. I expanded my vocabulary up to about 30words so slowly I’m getting there. I uploaded some pictures on week 3/4 so enjoy and u all have an enjoyable week.


2 responses to “Basketball, swimming, site visits and an idea for a bachelor thesis

  1. Say “Hi” to Gudrun and Norbert. I guess they will have a gorgeous time.
    I like your idea with the basketball court and I cross my fingers for you that it will work. Big hugs!

  2. Nah kleener, now it sounds like an internship (LOL). What great ideas, the basketball court and starting a social work network. ( When Chris see’s the picture of the lobster he might just have to have us fly over for some! ).

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