Week 3

No more Konjagi and thanks to Aloe Vera

Mambo everybody! So another week passed by and I’m still alive and happy to be here. The week started very normal I went to the office looked for some design ideas for the website, did some bookkeeping and created a list of hotels I want to visit next week in order to set up a database of hotels which we can recommend to our guest when we are fully booked. So until Wednesday nothing special happened. On Wednesday night Michel (friend of mine who is also doing an internship her on Zanzibar) and I went out to find our usual bar to go to.

We said that we will start walking at the same time and meet up on the beach so luckily I was late as always so we met like 1200feet away from my hotel and found the Bahari Bar with the two owners Ali and Musah. Actually we also went there last Sunday but I don’t want to leave the impression of us always drinking. Anyway Wednesday night was really fun we brought some german music , had some beers and a few Konjagi (schnaps from Tanzania). After a while we were all dancing in the sand (all means Michel, I, Fidel and Ali so those were the only people at the bar). We had a really fun night except that it was  4:30am when I got home which put me to sleep until 2pm the next day. Wouldn’t be a problem if the people know me but here nobody sleeps longer than 7am so some of the staff was checkin on me if I’m still alive and when they saw that I turned in my bed they were finally relieved. So after that night Michel and I decided to stay with beer since Konjagi at least for me left gave me a little headache the next morning. Then I worked until Friday and on Saturday Me, Anwar, Fatma, Michel and two guests went snorkeling at Mmemba Island in the north of the Island. This was quite an experience we were swimming with dolphins and saw tons of fish at the coral reef there. So we were snorkeling at the coast of Mmemba Island since it is a private Island where you pay a 1500$ fee if you just walk on there. Maybe I’ll even upload some videos (depends if our internet connection is fast enough to upload them) of our trip since Michel used his underwater camera for the first time. After being 4hours on the water and driving 1 ½ back to Jambiani we were actually pretty tired but Michel and I still decided to have a couple of beers yesterday night together with Musah and Ali. This brings us today which is my day of pain I worked a little bit but snorkeling also left a visible impression – a serious sunburn but thanks to aloe Vera which I put on my back every 2hours I’ll probably be fine by tomorrow. Yes that was week 3 so I added some more pictures and you’ll hear from me next week.



2 responses to “Week 3

  1. Wow – just one word : jealousy! Haha, no i´m glad you are having fun and enjoying life to the fullest! I love your pictures – they are absolutely stunning. Can´t wait for updates!

  2. Hi, Marcus, it’s really great to read your reports and I can imagine that you have a lot of fun. Your pictures look gorgeous and I’m looking forward to visting you on your island paradise, hopefully! Enjoy your life!
    A big hug for you!

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