Week 1+2

Hello Everybody!

Since I don’t like uploading tons of pictures on facebook I’ll try to write every week at least every two weeks a new blog entry with some impressions of my internship in Zanzibar. For reasons of convenience I’ll write in english so I’m sorry for the germans who cannot speak a word of english (but there are still pictures to see) and I appologize to all native speaking ones for grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

So what happened? –> Not a lot since the motto of the island with everything is polepole which tanslates to “slow slow”

I arrived almost 2 weeks ago and from that point I fell in love with the people and their character over here.

I’ve never seen that many smiling people so Europe and the states should take a slice of that cake cuz it makes life a lot more enjoyable. My boss Anwar (27) is originally from germany and for the last 3 years he’s the manager of the Blue Oyster Hotel. He’s met his wife Fatma (22) over here and since that there living in an house right next to the hotel. Hanging around with those two is just like having a small family. We’re having dinner together at the house and afterwards we’re watching a movie or just sit together talking. My home is a few feet outside of the hotel in the hotels staff house. I got a room with a bed, a fen and a little nightstand thats about it but it is more than enough for a good night sleep. My bathroom is a pit latrine if that’s the right translation (Plumbsklo for all germans).

My daily plan: I wake somewhere between 8 and 11am put a white shirt and some shorts on and walk over to the hotel. Then I sit in the office until me and Anwar get breakfast together. Breakfast starts out with a plate of fresh fruits and afterwards some cake and bread with scrambled egg and cheese. For drinks I always have fresh juice and a coffee. Then I go back in the office until about 3to6pm when I will go in the ocean for a swim. After that I read a little until I go over to Anwars house where we are having dinner.

My jobs to do at the office include: daily bookkeeping, setting up a website for our tour operator, setting up a donation program, getting informations about a POS (Point of sale) system for our restaurant, site visits to other hotels, in general marketing for the tour operator, creating a honeymoonoffer, making our inventory more efficient, new online payment system and to work on the reception desk once in a while. So as you can see I have enough to do for all the people who still think that calling this trip an internship is a bunch of bullshit.

Ok then I think that’s enough for the start, so I’ll leave you with some impressions of my working place and the island of Zanzibar.


5 responses to “Week 1+2

  1. its good to hear that you feel so comfortable. i’m getting jealous, if i compare your situation to ours in germany – where you feel happy, when the temperature doesn’t fall below zero!

    but there are also some good news from the northern half of the globe: HERTHA won, BAYERN lost and K.T. zu Guttenberg is history … 😉

  2. dude, die bilder sind spitze (:
    wünsche dir etlich schöne erlebnisse.
    take care

  3. Kleener,

    I’m sorry, but it’s not bullshit (lol)…I think we are just jealous. Take care, P.S…..shall I send you the ‘Fast Runner’ for your movie nights?
    Love you, miss you

  4. Carrie VanEtten

    Wow!!! You poor baby!!! Such sacrifices!!! hehe….
    Can’t wait for more pictures!

  5. If you send me the Fast Runner Karin I will directly drown it into the Ocean so think about that. @Carrie Good to hear from you Everything is alright?
    Which movie are you workin on?
    @smy/smi thanks for your comments I will do my best to keep you in the state of jealousy

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