You know that you made the right choices when you lose yourself in reminiscing

My 10 personal favourites (no specific order) in SF

  1. Wear something warm, grab a six-pack of beer, pack some food and hike Corona Heights to enjoy an amzing view over SF and the rest of the bay.
  2. Eat a Milky Way Bomb at the Noe Valley Bakery and bring it to the Valley Tavern and enjoy your bomb with a good draft beer and a cigarette on their patio.
  3. Call up some friends and head over to Oakland for the Art Murmur every first Friday of the month.
  4. Monday is Motown Night so go to Madron Art Bar and enjoy a good crowd to start the week with.
  5. Get on your bike and go up Conzelmann Road to Hawk Hill to enjoy stunning view, experience a great workout and a fun ride down to the Lighthouse Bonita. if you pack some coals and meat you could even do a litte bbq down there.
  6. Again buy a sixpack of beer, bring some portable speakers and play some disc golf at Golden Gate Park.
  7. If you like volleyball join the International Volleyball group at GG Park on Saturdays and Sundays at Peacock Meadow. They’ve been playing together for 25 years and welcome all age groups. (oldest player is 82)
  8. Grab a sandwich at Rhea’s Market and enjoy the afternoon well-fed at Dolores Park.
  9. Hungover, hungry and broke? Got to Clement Street and enjoy some cheap Dim-Sum or Sandwiches.
  10. Drive around SF on the weekend to find some free stuff on the street to either furnish your apartment or resell in case you need the money.

Off for Holiday

Mambo?! Not a lot happened during this week. We closed down the hotel on Monday moved our office since there are some renovations going on. Michel and I had our usual Wednesday except that we decided to spend the night at the club since they also rent rooms there. Next day we woke up we were pretty hung over and rode home in the pouring rain…what can you do. Rainy season is over now and I will leave to the mainland on Sunday and spend a week in Tanzania with Fidel. Unfortunately Michel cant come with us since he has to work. So I will write about my holiday when I get back so until then I wish everybody a relaxing week and not too much stress.

After Week 6 up to Now (as much as I remember)

Pole sana to those who were waiting/expecting new blog entries but during the last 3or4 weeks I just didn’t feel like writing so the entries would not have been exciting. So here Iam back again trying to summarize/remember the last weeks. First thing I wanna talk about is a new friend of Mike and me who is called Ulrich. Continue reading

week 5/6

Life is still good!

So last week I was just too lazy to write so now I can summarize the last 2weeks. Starting with the first week Michel and I went out partying for the first time here on the island so we found that one place where we can go to every Wednesday and there are actually a few more than a hundred people. It was good to finally be around some people of our age who also feel like partying since that was if at all the only thing I missed during the first three weeks. Continue reading

Basketball, swimming, site visits and an idea for a bachelor thesis

Time is running but just because it’s not getting boring at all. The week started out like any other week. Some working, some swimming, eating , a couple of bar visits and then sleeping. My work was basically about setting up the new homepage for our Tour Operator and creating a feedback form for the upcoming site visits of hotels. On Wednesday I took my off day and drove to Stone town to meet up with Kassim (one of the staff members). He showed me around and we went to the House of Wonders where I could learn some basics about the culture and history of the island. Aftwerwards we walked around town looking for a place which sells basketballs. Continue reading

Week 3

No more Konjagi and thanks to Aloe Vera

Mambo everybody! So another week passed by and I’m still alive and happy to be here. The week started very normal I went to the office looked for some design ideas for the website, did some bookkeeping and created a list of hotels I want to visit next week in order to set up a database of hotels which we can recommend to our guest when we are fully booked. So until Wednesday nothing special happened. On Wednesday night Michel (friend of mine who is also doing an internship her on Zanzibar) and I went out to find our usual bar to go to. Continue reading

Week 1+2

Hello Everybody!

Since I don’t like uploading tons of pictures on facebook I’ll try to write every week at least every two weeks a new blog entry with some impressions of my internship in Zanzibar. For reasons of convenience I’ll write in english so I’m sorry for the germans who cannot speak a word of english (but there are still pictures to see) and I appologize to all native speaking ones for grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

So what happened? –> Not a lot since the motto of the island with everything is polepole which tanslates to “slow slow”

I arrived almost 2 weeks ago and from that point I fell in love with the people and their character over here. Continue reading